Very selective and profitable tips to help you avoid bookmakers' traps.

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History of all the tips in publicly available spreadsheet.

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Staking Plan

Easy to follow by the biggest and smallest bettors.

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Sports Handicapping with Sports Analytics uses sports analytics combined with other models and variables to predict the outcome of the sports betting offers from sportsbooks.

The sports betting models used are very selective in nature and because of that most game lines are deemed unbeatable due to bookmaker's advantage. Occasionally when a game line qualifies for betting, it will be rated using our staking plan based on the strength of the edge. Click the portfolio link above to see all the past bets.

The Maxdalury Model is here to stay and revolutionize the sports betting world, don't get left behind. Read more in the about page.

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Maxdalury tips are suitable for big and small bettors alike.