In the past years I have had great success in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) sports analytics but the edge in DFS now is not what it was once. I experimented with sports betting using sports analytics combined with other variables and models during the 2015-16 baseball, basketball, football and hockey seasons and the results were overwhelmingly in my favor whenever a line qualified for betting.  A move to Las Vegas is required to fully capitalize with this opportunity but I am too vested in my current city to make that happen now.

In the spring of 2016, I started providing my tips to a small group of 25 betting people that grew to 57 over the next 12 months. The results accumulated over the next 12 months with those tips were too good to believe by most unless they were part of that small group that received the tips. I soon realized that the sports betting world is a dog eat dog world with many marketers and scammers posing as sports handicappers.

To cast away doubters, as of May 26, 2017,  all my tips will be posted to the public through my open google forum (MaxDalury Sports Tips) that I am starting with my 57 followers. Because most are too hung up on the authenticity of my results, I will reset my portfolio to start over from May 26, 2017. Now that I am posting everything publicly in an open forum, I expect the followers to grow rapidly over the next few months. I plan to turn the public google forum into a private members only forum in the near future.  Please note that this site has nothing to do with DFS guy named Saahil Sud. He briefly used the name maxdalury as his username in DFS but changed it upon request.

MaxDalury Approach

My approach to betting is somewhat complex and time consuming.  I use data driven models combined with other variables to handicap the games. My ever evolving models helps me understand the tremendous amount of edge bookmakers have over bettors' perceived edge. If you want to stop losing, stop betting sides with perceived edge. Occasionally I am able to find sides with real edge over bookmaker and those are the games I bet and release as tips. Some of my followers get frustrated when I go days and sometimes more than a week without a bet, especially when I don't have anything during a slate full of weekend games, but that is the only way to stay ahead in this game and I only bet when my model shows something with real edge over the bookmaker.

Next Steps...

Maxdalury tips are suitable for big and small bettors alike.