Launching Google Forum, Maxdalury Sports Tips

It has been about 2 years since I ventured into sports betting/handicapping and what I learned so far about this industry is that it is a dog eat dog world with many scammers and marketers claiming to be experts.

While playing some recreational poker when I was in Vegas two weeks ago, a discussion came up on sports betting among the players on the table. To make the long story short, most on the table had a hard time believing how well I am doing, especially using the same tools I use for my daily fantasy sports. After playing little more poker I went up to my hotel room to do some research and only after that it became apparent to me why those on the poker table had a hard time believing. With all the fake handicappers, scammers and frauds claiming success, no one is going to give me any credibility.

Going forward I will stop sending my tips by email to the handful of followers. The tips will instead be posted on a public google forum, Maxdalurty Sports Tips, that I just created. The google forum will record all posts with exact date and time of post. Current followers and anyone else can access my future picks from this open forum. If you don’t wish to visit the forum everyday, you can set up email notification (choose “All Email”) to receive email of the posts whenever posted. I plan to make this a private subscription only forum in the near future once I get sufficient exposure.

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